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ABOUT Unıversal
■ Our successful production under our Unıversal ™ registered trademark is contributing to our customers' needs and productions at a high rate, as well as our positive efforts to protect future generations, waste management, purification systems, nature and the environment, resulting in a cleaner and healthier future. The design and quality of our products give us confidence that we are on the right track, exciting us and encouraging us to plan.
UnıSeP ™ Centrifugal, regenerative, gradual stainless steel transfer and circulation pumps production started in Istanbul in 1996 in line with customer demand. The yields in the pump body design and design, in the working process and in the dynamic tests have been increased further to reach the maximum efficiency points of today and gain superior qualities.
■ With the  UnıSeP ™ registered trademark, our goal is to produce superior quality pumps suitable for the needs of our customers in the next day.
■  AAB ™  is a high speed homogenizer that we produce under the registered trademark name (High speed homogenizer: tip with multiple high circular speed, rotor-stator and mixing technology with high shear frequency), oil, petrochemical & refining, medicine, cosmetics, in food sectors;
■ Continuous and continuous thanks to the in-line mounting properties in the production of milk derivatives, mixing of crude oil into petroleum derivatives, micro silicone production, edible oil refining, urea, resins, adhesive agents, ink, mayonnaise, ketchup, soft drinks, sugar, shampoo lotion, cream and toothpaste it is working.
■ LCC and LCA environmental impact analyzes are carried out through cost / efficiency analyzes, multidisciplinary studies, and sustainable, high sensitivity and acceptable pump operating costs due to environmental and quality standards compliance.
■ By participating in domestic and international fairs, we represent our deserved place in the industry successfully.